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Originally Posted by BluesKing777 View Post
No idea how long it will go, but the previous BE's are different spec.

While I love the V bracing of my 717e, I also love the chunky BE neck with the compound carve. I love Elixirs and especially PB and I am having a nice time running the ES2 through my Tonedexter, very pleased with the sound I get from that combo.

I still think Lowden players and lovers will embrace the BE GP series more than fans of other makes.

And while I did mention something coming over me and also wanting the 5 after playing my 7 when I bought it, I am now waiting to see what they come up with next - the 5 and 7 would be way too similar. An article in Guitarist UK stated they were twins and hard to tell the difference without looking at the label...

NO, I now want firstly, to keep exploring this 717e beauty while Andy is hopefully working on a full fingerpicker Grand Concert Builder's Edition with the compound neck and rounded everything and pickup! All mahogany, all Tas Blackwood, sinker something, don't care. And preferable just ONE model so we don't have to agonize over 5 or 7 or 3 or....

Just nod if you are listening, Andy!


Great points on all accounts. I am quite looking forward to NAMM. I am wondering if they will release standard versions of the 717 and 517, perhaps with gloss. I would imagine an 817 and 417 would be next, or maybe 617.

I guess Iím just curious if the BE specs are one year runs like some of their other limiteds.

And, I totally understand your point about the 517 and 717 being similar. I did think they were similar in the shop. For me it would be nice to have one to keep in standard and one to keep in DADGAD...and the fact that I like both finishes. I find that I get some buzzing either way if I donít adjust the trussrod depending on the tuning. Maybe not with these, but I have that problem with my Martins Iíve had in the past.
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