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Originally Posted by Marley View Post
out of curiosity, since they make so many different models and styles, pick up configurations, woods and even price points from $500-$5000 what's not for you. Is it simply the name only or something else? I have to assume it's the name only which then actually gets back to my original post/question in a way. Personally, I can't think of any guitar brand out there where I'd blanketly say that brand's not for me.

as a side note, the used PRS market is most definitely a buyers market. These things do not hold their purchase price for the most part. In fact I don't many, if any, PRS, besides an early 85,86,87, that has sold for more than it was purchased for including the Dragons and Private Stocks.

I paid around $3K for mine in 1997. It's pretty much pristine condition and I'd be lucky to get $900 for it according to the ones I've seen sold.
I make no secret that I'm first and foremost a Fender fan and for whatever reason, I have no interest in owning or playing a PRS guitar. (I'm sure that I'm not alone).

Not saying that they don't make great guitars, but Fender (the brand and its history) is what I'm mostly drawn to.
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