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Default PRS

I like them......but.......I think there is a point in time when the price is hard to justify in terms of the physical item......and it becomes more like "art."

I would describe a Rolex wristwatch along similar lines. The Rolex Submariner (in stainless steel) used to be a standard-issue item for U.S. Navy divers. It was pricey, but it was also a very good watch. Arguable, the price was commensurate with the functional value of the item itself. Somewhere along the lines, however, the watch became known as a status item, and the price went up, and up, and up. Eventually, the price reflected a "prestige value" which was well beyond the value of the Rolex in terms of it being "a watch" of certain construction and engineering and warranty, but rather of it being an item of *art* -- an item who's value could not be accurately assessed/compared based on tangible attributes. And that is fine, for those who wish to pay the price.......

I am seeing PRS guitars through a similar lens today. They are fine guitars, but the "collectible" or "artistic/prestige" value is beyond that which I can justify in terms of materials, construction, quality, etc. That is just MY opinion, but I can state with absolute fact that one can purchase a stunning piece of quilted / tiger-maple for a couple hundred bucks -- so it is not the high cost of decorative wood tops.

I am not knocking PRS guitars -- I just think the name-plate value has now eclipsed the inherent instrument least for me. Like a fine piece of art, if it is worth it to YOU, then it is worth you. Play on.
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