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Iíve owned three PRS guitars, a Hollowbody Spruce, a McCarty solidbody, and an SC58. I still own the HB and the SC58. All have been extremely well made, perhaps the best factory made guitars in the industry.

The negativity about them stems from many sources and they have been mentioned previously so thereís no need to restate them.

The primary reason a guitar is preferred by a player is that it either delivers the tone one prefers or it does not. Itís no more complicated than that. Yes, it must be stable enough to intonated well and stay in tune, but it must deliver the goods tonally that the player ďhearsĒ in his head. And that sound is predicated on the tones one grew up listening to, which normally leads one into Gibson or Fender territory. PRS was late to the party and as good as they are, donít sound like either one of those.

So as nice as they are, my favorite guitar is a well played, buckle rashíd, Ď91 Les Paul Standard with Sheptone PAF Tributes. It goes where the others canít and thatís where I reside, tonally.
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