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I had an SE at one point. It was a blue SSS set up and I loved it and the fit and finish was great and this was from Korea. I should have never sold it.

My 1997 Custom 22 came with the Dragon II pups. I didn't care for them and even more disliked the 5 way rotary (very hard to jump around when playing live). About 5 years ago I sent the guitar back to Maryland and the guys swapped out the Dragons for a set of Lollar single coil for humbuckers and changed the 5 way to a 3 way toggle. I love it even more now.

Now, the only thing that sometimes gets me when playing for extended sets is the edge on the upper bout where my right arms hangs. It almost seems to cut into my circulation. The bevel on my Strat is much more comfortable but when I play the two guitars I'd say the biggest immediate difference is that the PRS seems to be built like a tank. Whatever that means. Hard to put into words but my Strat, Tele and Bob Marley Gibson all seem kind of light (not in actual weight) and flimsy and the PRS feels so solid and indestructible. Or something like that
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