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Like Taylor , PRS was relatively small new guitar company in the 80s that started to make inroads and started to garner more market share as the years went by and when the sales and numbers start to impact the market share of the traditional brands, seems to be when the haters and bashers start to emerge. As long as a builder stays small in production numbers there is little fuel or fodder for the bashers to fixate on.
But start to transition from smaller to bigger with more and more market share and the subsequent notirity , then the naysayers really start to crawl out of the woodwork and get vocal.

About 3 years ago when I went on my quest to get back into electric guitar after a 47 year absence. I basically assumed I would get either a Fender Tele or Strat. Went out and played a bunch of both over several months and had pretty much decided I would get an American made Elite series .

When Black Friday came I went shopping cash in wallet At my local independant guitar store they had several Elite Tele's and Strats and I was trying to decide which one I wanted, when the owner handed me a PRS CE 24 and said you should probably try this also .
And low and behold 10 minutes later I walked out with the PRS
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