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PRS makes great guitars. Some of the 'negative' comments you've read relate to PRS not making great pickups although that has changed recently. As you mentioned I too have read negative comments (unjustified) related to PRSi being owned by Doctors, Lawyers, etc because they're expense, look fantastic, and the tone doesn't matter to them because they're amateur players. I think that comes from players who just can't afford it.

I have a 1998 CE-22 model. It has the Dragon II pickups. They're good pickups but not great and not as good as my Gibson/Seymour Duncan/DiMarzio/Fender pickups in my other guitars.

I don't think there's anywhere near as much PRS bashing as Gibson electrics, which I'm a huge fan. One thing PRS has going for them is the QC is excellent.
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