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Default PRS questions, opinions etc.

Seeing how the PRS thread got a few new great posts, I'm curious to know what the masses think. Keep in mind I don't really care what the masses think but still, I am curious.

I've followed the history of PRS since 1987 when a friend of mine bought one. I wanted one bad and got my first one new in 1997. Custom 22. In those 10 years PRS were very similar to Taylors in that you had to search out stores that carried them. I found most of them stocked at smaller, off the beaten path stores. This was before guitar center started carrying both brands-or around that time.

I'd say at the time I bought mine in 97 there really were no negative opinions being thrown around about PRS.

I'd say by the end of the 90's PRS were huge mainly because a lot of the alternative band guitar players started jumping on board. I know the guitar player for 311 played one from the early 90's but he was one of the few.

Then all of a sudden people started bashing PRS in terms of calling them snob guitars, lawyer guitars, doctor guitars, too pretty guitars etc..

To the general non PRS playing guitar public out there does that sentiment still remain or by 2019 is it gone? If you don't play a PRS and go to a show at a bar and the guitar players is playing a PRS do any immediate thoughts come to you?
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