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Originally Posted by David Eastwood View Post
I noticed that too

A couple of other comments:

1) I like the diagrams showing bridge, 12th fret and nut positions for the custom scale lengths. The standard scale length really should be in there as well, for comparison, and as the ‘zero extra cost’ option.
2) An X20 with a 27” scale is more expensive than an X20 Baritone - which has a 27” scale as standard. That seems a little odd, but I’m probably missing something.

There maybe others, but given the enormous range of guitars and options that Emerald now offer, I’m not surprised that one or two might have slipped through the cracks. And to think that folks were getting concerned, not so long ago, about the scaling back of customization
1) we are on that and I already instructed the designers to make that change earlier today.
2) Its essentially because we had a specific mould for a Baritone in the past but now build it custom off the new X20 platform. The Baritone price was just never increased when we changed it to a custom build. Ill have a look at that again.
Yeah its hard to get every little detail perfect but we try. I appreciate the feedback.
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