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This new instrument sounds like a fine addition to the Emerald product line - something truly different. Earlier in this thread, I said that big build ups tend to make the actual announcement anti-climatic for me, and I was speaking in general terms rather than specifically about Emerald.

However, this new Virtuo does seem to be something different, possibly in similar market space as Taylor's T5z, though obviously as different as Emerald is from everything else in all their models.

Congratulations on another fine product.

I think the most tempting Emerald product to me at this time is the Kestrel, though the saddle string spacing at 2" seems a bit narrow. Maybe that is typical for archtops, though I have not measured mine. I do think, though that my guitar buying days are behind me unless I tripped over $4k somewhere unexpectedly.

If Alistair is reading this, I don't know if you read the thread I started here recently regarding David Eastman's and my meeting to try each other guitars, but we both were definitely concluded that between it and my Sable, it is pretty much a wash. I am impressed. That is definitely saying something good, since to me, the Sable represents incredible attention to detail in manufacturing and is likely the "keeper" out of my whole collection. I do like the X20's somewhat wider saddle string spacing for fingerstyle.


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