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Originally Posted by SpruceTop View Post
Hi Steve,

I remember you mentioning the Gretsch look-alike Gator case, but I ordered the $180 Gretsch 16" Deluxe Hollowbody Hardshell Case as I got it for $130 as part of the guitar + case deal. Unfortunately, Sweetwater couldn't discount the guitar as it's an "exclusive" and not available exactly the same elsewhere. At least I got the Gretsch case for a nice price but I've got to admit the not currently in stock Gator western-style tweed case you recommended looks cooler! More to come ...
No biggie - for every problem there's a solution:
  • Keep the Gretsch factory case you're getting with the 5420;
  • When the Gator case comes in, order it;
  • Order one of these at the same time, have it shipped in the Gator case, and swap cases upon delivery:

No Gretsch collection is complete without at least one double-cut (BTW this one's a full-hollow with Filter'trons like your 5420) - and the '62 White Falcon looks on this one make a statement nothing else in its price bracket can match...

Glad to help...
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