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Originally Posted by FwL View Post
I have no idea what the score looks like, but that youtube performance is in D minor.

Just to clarify for anyone else , it kind of flips between F major and D minor. Sounds a little more F major to me, but that's maybe because F is the lowest bass note.

Scalewise, it has B natural in place of the Bb one would expect in either of those keys, so we could call it F lydian or D dorian, according to what we felt the overall key centre was.

In terms of the rest of the thread, he has a capo on 3, which is why it's being called D lydian instead of F lydian.
I.e., the 3-sharp key signature is what a horn player would call a transposition for Eb instruments.
The guitarist would - most likely - prefer to think of the key as "D" (or maybe Bm) because of the chord shapes and scale patterns used. That's why notation would be written in D lydian, because the capo position (the concert key) is actually irrelevant; it's the shapes and patterns that matter.

Obviously it's good to know his capo position, in case you were to try playing from the music with no capo and wondered why it sounded different.
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