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Yes, but only when writing songs designed to be played by a band. Obviously I can't play bass and drums as well as guitar!

For solo playing, no. I never compose anything for solo guitar/vocal that I can't play. I don't understand how or why one would do that. I can imagine stuff that I can't play, obviously, but why write it? I compose with my guitar in hand, not from abstract notation. IOW, I compose from what I can play. My guitar skills are more than adequate for anything I want to compose, because I'm more interested in the song than in guitar technique.
Mind you, there are lots that I can't sing... I.e., I still try to follow the principle of working from what I can do, but my voice is not great, and my pitching is not secure.
When it comes to instrumental pieces, then I might be more at the limits of my skills, but still not interested in going beyond them. Unless, as I say, when planning multi-instrument pieces, requiring instruments I can't play (or can't play well enough).
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