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Sunday bump for another superb Two Hands Solis guitar- an absolute jewel of a guitar, a rare find of exceptional quality, exhibited to wide acclaim at Tom's B.I.G. show at the end of March. All three of Joel's guitars made a huge and unequivocally positive impression on everyone at the show.

Looking at the photos, you can see that Joel's design aesthetic is super clean, elegant, and pleasing in every way. The fit and finish he puts into every guitar is flawless. You can really tell that Joel cares very deeply about this craft. He invests each one with his heart and soul.

But the looks are only the beginning. The tone is ravishing. When you play one of these guitars, the beauty and color of the sound is mesmerizing. I think Joel's guitars compare equally to others that cost thousands more, maybe even double.
If I were you, I'd do whatever I could to get one now, because Joel's star is rising fast! The only danger is, if you have some other great guitars in your corral, this Solis may make them obsolete.
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