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Originally Posted by AZLiberty View Post
I'm going to need to put a pickup in the CH-PA sometime before November.

Given how much K&K has increased their prices lately, is there any good reason to pick up the K&K vs the JJB 330? ($100 vs $50)

I have a K&K in my Shorty, so I'm familiar with the downsides of a passive.

They both use Piezo as the driver and Piezo remains stable in it's raw form. Packaging can make the difference, meaning, how Piezo performs through thickness and type of material used to contain it. being a very sensitive material, both companies produce it virtually identically because the signals out are identical.

That said, I prefer a package that offers longer lead wires for each of the Piezo transducers. The notion that their best placement is the bridgeplate can easily be challenged and defeated by finding other, better locations on the top for each of them, and then fine tuning those locations to provide a very close balance of signals out. That done, little EQ is needed. I experimented with a removable transducer from Shadow well after I had followed K&K's installation instructions for their PWM. The Shadow, placed in locations other than the bridgeplate had better signals out than the K&K on the bridgeplate. Had I known that I would have installed longer leads on the K&K and installed it where the best signals and balance could be provided by that particular guitar (Goodall RCJC). Live and learn.

Anecdotal: I was disappointed when I found out that I had to make some large EQ adjustments with the K&K PWM installed per the factory instructions. Logic told me any other packaging by K&K would not have allowed it to be a simple DIY product so they boasted the bridgeplate as the best place and kept the leads just long enough for that location. JJB simply followed suit.
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