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Originally Posted by Jeff Scott View Post
Mark, what is the scale lengths of the fan fret Josie? I have a 12 string guitar with a 25.5" - 27" fan and it feel perfectly natural to me, and anyone who has played it, some not even realizing it was a fanned fret guitar until I mentioned it! They must have been looking at that woman across the room when they grabbed the guitar to put in their laps.
Thanks for commenting Jeff. The Josie has the same 1 1/2” span but, instead of your 25.5”-27” fan we did 24.75”-26.25”. Also, the guitar is 13 frets to the body.
I think a 1 1/2” spread is longest fan you’d want to go with. For this next Josie I’m thinking 24.75”-25.75”.

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