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Default Ngd!!!

It is here and more amazing that I could ever imagine. I'm humbled!

This really is the best guitar I have played! Give it whatever you want and it will take it. It is resonant, has a great low end that doesn't eat up the other notes, and feels like it has a reverb tank in there! Very balanced and just a pleasure to hold.

Speaking of holding, the wedge is a great feature! This guitar feels so comfortable! I would have never guessed I was holding a jumbo!

My fiance wanted to be here when I opened the case. Here's a video she took of the first strum (after it was tuned up). After she left, I took one more video before taking these photos.

Oh, and one more thing: the Hoffee case is really nice! It's the perfect case for this guitar. And ... I just adore that Port Orford smell
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