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These fellas work hard. This week the shop is usually closed and yet here I am receiving progress photos. When Steve and I spoke about the all wood inlays it forced this build to be accomplished a bit out of the normal order. The fretboard was first since that would take the most time and now the neck/peghead so Larry can work on the torch inlay next.

In this photo Steve has trued up the fretboard surface, as well as peghead area. He has routed for truss rod, and the two slots for carbon fiber bars. The head area was narrowed to accommodate the peghead "ears" which are glued in place here. Steve does this to strengthen the head with long grain.

Both the headplate and backplate of the peghead will be dark veneer, light veneer and jet black Ebony on the exterior. Will make for a very interested look from the sides and in the slots as they are ramped for the strings.

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