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I usually play my own demos at guitar shows as I like to talk about the individual guitars I have and what makes them special before I demonstrate them. VIGF is the best demo I have had so far. The room was packed and the audience was paying serious attention. There were probably well over 100 people packed into the space and I did not use the sound system. Great fun!

The following day I did my masterclass on the differences between traditional and modern guitars (and why it matters). If there were empty chairs, I didn't see them, but the isles themselves were not packed in this event as in the demo. My coherency was not 100%, and I ramble across a spectrum of subjects, but it must have been Okay as many attendees went out of their way to thank me. It was the third time I had tackled the subject publicly so I had some fall back available.

Finally, last night I went to an unrelated open mic night at an infamous pub in Vancouver called "the Princeton". This was an intimidatingly roudy place in the 70's, but was welcoming and supportive last night. Did a few tunes with the house band and my mentor/friend Michael Dunn (luthier) playing his latest resophonic. If any readers are in the Vancouver area and interested in this kind of exhibitionism, this open mic occurs every Tuesday from 10 pm till midnight, I'm told. The house band is quite competent, and special thanks to the guitar player, "Double D". Very friendly and supportive bunch!
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