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Originally Posted by RP View Post
I think the perceived difference is probably based on different string spacing at the bridge, especially since both my X20 and the Rainsongs have 1.75" nuts...
There is known variance between guitar makers when it comes to the actual string spacing at the nut, vs. the nut width. The two measurements are independent of one another, and there is no guaranteed consistency between makers. Two examples come to mind: Bourgeois (they tend (or used to) towards a tighter string spacing for their 1.75" nut widths compared to, say, Collings or Goodall), and Eastman, which has been known (at least in the past) to vary their nut string spacing a fair bit for 1.75" nuts. I've encountered guitars with an actual 1.75" nut that had the nut string spacing that is often seen on 1-11/16" nut widths, which in my mind, kinda of defeats the purpose of a wider nut. Which is why I'm curious about where Emerald falls around this for their stock X30 1.75" nut guitars.
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