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Hey, Scott,

I specifically asked the Bose Support guy I spoke with last night if this was a specific range of serial numbers... I was told, "No, and it seems to be a relatively small number of units showing this issue."

The problem is rapid discharge, as in going from full to dead in less than 2 weeks of non-use. It doesn't seem to be with the battery not holding up while playing. I generally use mine plugged in, so I haven't really be affected by the issue; just something I noticed, regarding the discharge when not being used.

Typically, this type of battery may lose 10% in a month of non-use. Mine loses all charge within 2 weeks.

I was told "7 to 10 business days" to receive another unit, after they receive mine. Not crazy about that time frame, especially since we are out in our motorhome and I didn't bring any other amplification.

If yours is holding the charge (and from the sound of it, it is), I wouldn't be concerned about this. The early ones were sold without a battery, I bought mine right when Bose started including the battery.

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