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Originally Posted by The Kid! View Post
I'll second this. The functionality and sound is noticeably better than the other brands mentioned, imo. You can't store loops on it, but it's a killer looper with different programmable modes.

I only use it for the singer/songwriter live looping, so people with different needs might prefer some of the other loopers. Some older loopers like the Gibson/Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pro Looper, have way more functionality, but I don't think they make them anymore.

With the Boomerang III, I can make track 3 a master percussion track that plays continuously, track 2 the verse, and track 1 the chorus or bridge. The percussion keeps playing and I can switch between verse and chorus.
I've just had a quick look at the Boomerang. These weren't on my radar as they are not readily available here (that ive been able to find) I found one supplier and they're charging $799 AU for the Boomerang III and $415 for the sidecar. I assume I'd need the sidecar for ease of stop and erase?
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