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There is a style where they "interview" "real people" at the movie theater (who always rave about what they just saw). I read somewhere that those type of commercials are the kiss of death for a movie.

Either those commercials turn people off so much that the movies bomb, or the movie is doing so poorly they use a low-budget last digit effort to advertise it (cause or effect?).

I can't stand that whole type of commercial (I don't know if you call commercial types a genre or a type or a style.)

They are inane drivel and usually just point out really bad salesmanship.

I still remember they ran one for a Ford in high rotation and the high point was a "real person" being amazed she could say "call hubby", the top feature you have to brag about is voice dialing that every kid had since grade school?

Now, it's Chevy with those secret commercials where they surprise "real people" with a Chevy to look at. I cringe so bad at these and I can't believe they are still on the air. I do not buy the argument that "they must be working" - I think they simply are unwilling to acknowledge their ad agency is a failure and are sticking with it.
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