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The tuners on the Cordoba are about as good as anything else (relatively speaking). If you want a REAL upgrade, try these.

I have these on all three of my classicals and they are JOY to use. The end bearing (Rubner Roll) makes all the difference.

At $127 a set, far above your price point, but they are worth it.


PS. Don't confuse the "MoldFlon" bearings with "Rubner Roll" rollers. The MoldFlon "bearings" (actually anti friction discs) are between the roller and base plate (that is standard on all Rubners). The Rubner Roll rollers (optional, use the "Select roller style for pricing") pull down box have a bearing on the end of the roller that fits in the center section of the headstock. These rollers eliminate the roller binding on the wood of the headstock, the tuners are literally as smooth as Gotoh 510 sealed tuners (for steel strings).
This shows them:

PSS. You learned about the high end tuner business, I see!!! I splurged on a set of Irving Sloane's ($300) for a classical I used to have and thought that was crazy. And then I saw Rogers/Alessi/etc at $600 or MORE....
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