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Originally Posted by Uncle Pauhana View Post
I always appreciate your expertise and enthusiasm for the SA220. But isn't the (unaccessorized) 330 virtually identical to the 220, but with more power and some ports and electronics to add the sub and mixer if wanted? It seems to me like Fishman has not abandoned the solo performer, but rather bumped the power of the SA without bumping the price. And players can forget about the options entirely, if they don't need them. Win/win, yes?

This was my take. It allows them to continue to offer what they feel is a great stand alone product. And, they offer the addons that allow a solo artist to amplify an ensemble at small shows. My only issue is the cost of the addons. Seems a bit steep. The cost of the expander seems about $50 too high and the sub about $250 too high. Where did I get my numbers? Thin air. So take it for what it's worth.
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