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So many people just seem to want to make the SA220 something more than it is. If you want to add more low end and more channels to it, I guess you're overlooking the fact that it's designed for a SOLO guitarist/vocalist. And for that, I still think it's been the best bang for the buck for many years. Clearly, their new 330 model is doing more than the above-described soloist needs, so I guess they're getting away from the "solo" thing without actually saying it. I have no problem with it, and more choices for we consumers is always good. But if I were a solo guitarist/soloist looking for the best value out there for use at small and medium-sized venues, I still think the SA220 is tough to beat. There are bigger and better and fuller-sounding systems out there, sure, but they're either overkill, with a negligible improvement in sound quality, IMO, or considerably more hassle to transport and set-up. All those comparisons have been discussed ad nauseum elsewhere anyway. My point is that the 220 -- for what it's designed for -- is still one great value, and the new 330 would certainly seem to be more appropriate for something beyond the solo guitarist/vocalist -- duos, trios, keyboardists, people using backing tracks, whatever.
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