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I posted this in another thread yesterday:

$999 was the price point for the previous SA220. The common criticisms of that system were the lack of bass support and desire for more channels. It would appear that they addressed those issues directly with add ons. However, I suspect their intention is to use the Fish stick as a solo amp without the sub as a primary means of amplification.

For solo acts, I don't know that the sub is essential.

So, if I were to guess, the thinking was probably that the new product is for people who would primarily (say 75%) use it like the last product. But, for shows with bass, more singers, instruments, they can add the sub and mixer with no fuss. That way you don't waste your solo act gear investment, nor do you have to have a complete second system and learning curve. There is also the possibility that Fishman is providing a PA option for people who brand loyal to Fishman.

Truth be told, with powered speakers, mixers, effects processors, acoustic amps, compact PA systems, there are endless ways to get awesome, crystal clear volume for under $1300 and 40lbs. This was not always the case.

Nice time in history to need an acoustic guitar and amplification.
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