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Default Thoughts on new Fishman SA330x

So I finally got to see the listing for the new Fishman on Musicians Friend etc. Base unit is $999 US plus $149 for the expansion mixer and $549 for the little sub. That's almost $1700 US my friends ! Im in Canada so multiple that up by 1.3 $2200 Canadian all in. Wow

My duo currently gigs with EV gear, I have two ZLX 12P tops and two ZXA1 subs. Inside we usually just use one top and in ears. Outside we use the full set up. I bought the gear used for $1300 Canadian. This seems a very scalable, effective and high quality sounding solution. We gig 4-5 times a month so payback on any investment must be considered. Can't justify buying the new Fishman at those prices, as much as I'd love the portability ! . Thoughts ?
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