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Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
The snakewood is going to be great on that. I have two dark BRW guitars that I chose snakewood for the bindings and it is great. One continued with a snakewood bridge and fretboard which also came out awesome.
Isnt is such a wonderful looking wood? I recently found some Snakewood Gotoh 510 replacement buttons on reverb that John Buscarino was selling for only $37 and got them in today and they are beautifully figured and smooth to the touch. If you ever wanted that extra zing to bring the guitars together I recommend them!

Originally Posted by islandguitar View Post
Beautiful wood, Dustin!!
Can’t wait to see it pop!

Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
Congratulations on a super axe coming!

I really liked the 00012c Beneteau I had. If it had the right neck for my smaller hands I would likely still have it!

This will be fun to watch. Bring it!!!


Yep, the slotted headstock models tend to have wider necks I think...I love the wide necks, myself. Nothing past 1 7/8 though.
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