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So this has been an interesting journey for me. As some of you have probably already seen, this guitar was for sale in the classifieds up until today. I didn't bond with it in the first few days, didn't really "get" the sound, and decided to try to move it on.

I must have received the guitar in early October, so I've been playing it pretty regularly for the past 6 weeks. The response is/was very un-Martin like, which didn't come as a surprise to me, but the Martin sound is a touchstone for me and most of my guitars are modeled at least in part after that old Martin sound. I've played a number of Larsons and Larson creations, and they are really all over the map in terms of how they sound.

So when I first played this guitar, which is quite dry and quite focused on the attack, I just couldn't bond with it. The laminated braces make for a pretty strong and snappy response - loud and cutting to be sure.

A couple of things have happened since I first got the guitar that made me decide to keep it: 1) I think I just got accustomed to the Euphonon sound and grew to enjoy it for what it is, and 2) I think the guitar has actually sweetened a little with playing.

You will not find a lot of overtones or sustain on this guitar, which isn't surprising given its "built under tension" construction and the maple back and sides. What you will find is a guitar with massive headroom and incredible volume and an uncolored, clear, and penetrating sound. The balance across the strings is relatively even, with no clear scoop or mid hump. For rolling out Gary Davis licks, it really cuts through beautifully so that the individual lead notes create a nice, pleasant staccato. Chords are authoritative and clear as a bell. For many of the songs I play, where I really value note separation, I'm finding this guitar works exceedingly well.

I suspect it will become increasingly warm as it gets played more. It's the only guitar I'm currently playing with medium gauge strings. I think it helps drive that laminated brace top a bit better. It's a really beautiful sounding instrument, now that I've grown accustomed to its tone. The build quality is absolutely top notch, of course. The only other Blazer and Henkes I've played is the OM-28 which is currently for sale at Schoenberg. That's an incredible instrument. So Willi and Rudi seem to be making some top quality guitars.

Here's a rough recording I did. I was in a rush to get something, so the playing isn't great. I'll refine later. I think the recording demonstrates the incredible note separation. You do hear some overtones in there, but individual notes really stand out.

So for those of you ever considering a Euphonon-style guitar, make sure you are open-eared about it and prepare yourself for some time getting used to it. If you play old style blues and gospel stuff like I do, it's a thing of glory.
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