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Smile Nuts and bolts...

Since you can see in the sound port so easily I guess it is good the nuts are nice and shiny...

And I am very happy they only weigh half as much as the ones they are "replacing". My goal on this is to have it float away if I let it go. Hahaha

Seriously, each of our builds has gotten lighter, and it really makes a difference at my gigs! Especially the ones where I go room to room for the shut-ins.
I used to need to take a chair with me, but have found I can stand much longer and much easier with the OVERLORD. I can sit occasionally when there is a chair in one of the rooms and that is enough. Much easier to get right next to folks, too. They really tend to brighten up when you get "up in their grill"

Your instruments are doing good work! And they get MANY compliments, too!

Play on gang

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