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Pics from JK today. 20190907_142924.jpg.
Sliding adjustable neck widget in place. New lighter SS bolts and nuts in the Walnut sliding bar. Not using Rosewood as it has a greater tendency to crack.

This from John yesterday: "It may not look like much, but the neck now attaches with a sliding, internal block. Smaller diameter bolts lighter self locking nuts, and it does line up side to side and up and down. You can see in one picture the brace where the bridge will be. The neck without fingerboard should line up with the top without a bridge, assuming the fingerboard and the bridge are about the same thickness, and this it does nicely.

I'm on to rosettes.
And, that channel where the d tube rests can now be extended into the heel tang."

Outside of neck heel showing the recessed holes for the bolts. There will be another in the Fretboard around the 13th fret, for the bolt to raise and lower the neck. John has done a LOT of thinking on this system and I believe it is very elegant and classy!

Neck routed for Carbon Fiber D Tube


John made a single brace using the same slight curve as the top to make sure the neck is lining up correctly.
It is!
Kind of a catch 22. You can't join the top to the box until the neck angle is correct, but you can't get the angle correct until the top is in place. John, please correct me if I am wrong here.

Last for today, the rosette. I Like Abalone. When I was a young man I lived on the bluff in Solana Beach, North San Diego County. For 12 years I had 3 piles of abalone shells, each about the size of a VW bug in my yard. Left over thousands of years by indigenous folks, I figure.
I surfed every day and sang and played drums in dance bands. What a life!
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