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Default Onto the top

The first thing to do on the top is to join the halves:

The Old Redwood top has some great curl and dark streaking:

I needed to thin the top to my target deflection without the rosette installed because once the 3D rosette is in it isn't easily going to go through the thickness sander.

Once that was set it's time to show a mock-up of my intended rosette:

This is a curly Koa rosette with sapwood bordered in abalone with black wood-Maple-black wood purfling.

Now the trick is to fit it flush to the top:

The purfling is set a bit proud and with a little handwork it is brought down flat with the top:

It's great to have sharp quality little tools for little jobs requiring precission:

Here we have it fairly well cleaned up:

And a larger look:

Now the trick is to figure out how to glue the top braces on a top with a raised rosette!

Thanks for following!
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