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Default The Back of the the Back

Most times the first glue joint on a new guitar is the one that joins the back:

It my first "How do you do?" to a new guitar:

You can tap and flex and prod wood all day long but you don't really get to know a piece of wood until you start working it and gluing.

We're doing a special back strip on this guitar. We chose Koa for the trim. Koa goes great with Cocobolo. Judicious use of the lighter Koa sapwood can add visual dimension and contrast with the Cocobolo where you want it.

Here are the initial Koa cutouts:

Here is a mock-up of the purfling I want to use for the Koa:

The purfling defines a crisp edge to the Koa shapes and make those long thin points look longer and pointier:

I used an all sapwood for the center Koa round with a touch of spalting to keep things interesting.

The curly figure in the Koa will also come alive under finish and it's orientation and chatoyance will also help it pop.
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