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Originally Posted by whitecloud View Post
I am coming to the conclusion that Sweetwater is only great when buying low cost items no limit on price for free shipping and no tax. My Sweetwater rep hasn't been all that great when it comes to asking for advice. Sure they are going to recommend what they carry. Here is one example. The received a large number of M-Audio's Venom synthesizer. They were going for $200.00 on the blowout from the regular $500.00 price. He told me it sounds like an Access "Virus" synth. I already knew that was BS as the Venom has such a different sound. The Virus go up to 1-2 grand. His advice was way off as he was just trying to make a sale. Not long ago I asked about some SDC's and he told me they all sound the same until you get to that 7 hundred dollar price range. You are right The AKG Perception 120 is not a very good mic, but might make a great weapon. I know from experience as does my friend here in town. It never gets used. Cheaper Rode mics known to be brittle on the high end. I will received my Cad e70 Stereo bundle today and will put them to the test after I un-box. I'll have a session/Project ready for recording. So it will be testing different mic placements. I should have some clips on Soundcloud in a day or so.
@luke Cubase Essentials 7+ works great on Win 7 64 bit. Vista and Win 8 are the real losers as far as OS goes. I haven't upgraded Cubase 7.1+ to 7.5(the lastest version) I think for me it will cost 50 bucks. I am hearing some good things with the latest version. Not as much moaning. I will upgrade soon. I would imagine your demo version is the current one.
One comment I'd make about on-line shopping in general, I'd take ANY sales staff recommendation with a grain of salt. There's just no guarantee as to what the motivations are on the other end of the phone.

The best thing to do is research what you want and then go shopping. I love Sweetwater's service and have bought many things from them, about $4000 worth that I can think of right now. One of the critical things to remember is Sweetwater automatically extends factory warranties to a full two years, Yes, I've had occasion to use it after having a recorder develop problems 1-1/2 years after purchase.
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