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Talk to Nate at Sweetwater today about microphones. They do not carry ADK or CAD microphones. His suggestions were more expensive in the 700 dollar range SE electronics makes an SE4 for stereo pair. He also recommended RODE M5 matched pair. The SE electronics pair are probably a little more expensive than I want to spend right now. In the RODE almost seem a little too inexpensive. I wonder how they would compare to the CAD E70 that we had discussed earlier. I don't want to cheap out on microphones I want to make sure that what I get is going to be accurate and not out of date and year so.. Same with the interface.
Also wonder what features are left out of the LE version of cubase (compare to full version).

Thanks legolas....

Bagpipe... I'm not a complete rookie but everyone I've talked to has suggested SDC in stereo so I'm guna be set on trying that. My AKG perception 120 isn't the answer I know that! Lol

Rick... I'm going to review that thread as soon as I get home from work always look forward to your expertise. Thanks to all that answered
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