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Not gonna talk you out of it, but your in-hand time will give you the true answer. I picked one up last year as my first nylon-stringer, so my experience in the class is thin, but I've been quite pleased at what it added to my pallet.

a few notes:

- The neck profile is oddly asymmetrical. I think that is intentional, though. I've seen no comments about it online. There is more meat behind the bass side, and I've felt this on another Kremona guitar recently.

- I've seen some references to the radius of the fretboard and can say that mine is dead flat. I wrote to the company and they confirmed that is the official spec, so some ads out there are likely in error.

- I finally tried a Cordoba GK Negra this past month and am glad that I have the Kremona - mainly for the deeper body since I play acoustically the majority of the time. On-stage may be a different matter...

- Douglas C.

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