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Default Talk me Out of the Kremona Verea

I'm looking for a decent crossover to do some fingerpicking on. It will be a stage instrument. I own a 1978 CY130 Yairi Classical, called the Conquistador, but would like to play something with a 48mm nut width instead of the Yairi's 2.1". The Kremona Verea looks really tasty - cedar top, good electronics, excellent reviews everywhere. YooToob vids of the Verea seem to show excellent balance and note separation with some goodly sustain, but vids can be deceiving. There happens to be one sitting quietly walking distance from my house at my local GC - I'll play it on for size this Friday methinks.

Before I actually play the little critter Friday, does anyone have experience with this guitar? This is your chance to tell me I'm crazy -- TIA
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