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Hey Mark,

I took a couple of minutes this morning as I was trying to wake up with a cup of coffee to go back through this thread. Thanks for your great posts.

First off, you need to have a messier shop, you are making me look bad.

I really like the Larry Robinson Inlay on the fretboard. He is an incredible talent. I have sketches somewhere in my office (Please don't show me how organized your office is ) Anyway, I have hoped to do some sort of (new) vine flower at some point. It will take some inspiration to get the sketches to implementation. Another thing on my list of things to do.

The wood sets are gorgeous. I love the tree set and the Bubinga is not too shabby either.

On another note, I see you are using the Irwin Quick grip mini bar clamps. You obviously like them. Mine are terrible. They have no clamping power and slip. It is not just one bad one, the whole bunch of them slip. I still have them but only use them when I don't need much pressure. I hate to throw stuff away, but (mine) are junk.
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