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Originally Posted by redir View Post
CITES might have closed the market down a bit too. It's harder if not impossible to sell BRW across national boundaries. Some people just don't want to deal with it. Hopefully it's an indication that the market is changing but IDK there still is a lot of love for BRW. I've got two sets left and once those are gone will probably never use it again.

Yes this^^^ is a BIG part of the beginning decline in popularity of braz. Also, the young kids/musicians coming up today are just not that into the whole tonewood issue like we boomers are/were. They look at the guitar much more analytically, as the tool it really is, and they know that they can do anything with the tone that they want or need to as they record it and mix it into the tracks, so what the guitar is made of is just not necessarily all that important. With the exception of the Bluegrass and high end Fingerstyle players worlds, the sheen of "best tonewood ever" has started to come off of braz. As the supply inevitably tightens further and further, the young players and builders coming up will just find other woods to use that will work just fine for them.

You see it starting now, but the current trickle will grow into a torrent in the not too distant future.

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