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Originally Posted by ericcsong View Post
so I've had the guitar for one month and one week.

to me, I feel as though the guitar has opened up a lot already, but it scares me to think that its only 5 weeks old. it will just get better

I won't go on in describing tone or whatnot because it all reads the same online

but if anyone is in VA and wants to try it out, lets make it happen!

over the past 10 years I've played hundreds of handmade guitars from (in no particular order) Olsons, Traugotts, Somogyis, Matsudas, Krauts, Ryans, Wingerts, Omega, Baranik, Bashkin, Osthoffs, McKnights, Cornerstones, Petros, Charis, Langejans, Claxtons, Beneteau, Ebata, Maingard, Manzer, Berkowitz, Simon Fay, Greenfield, Laskin, Sexauer, Vines, White, the list goes on and on......including small shop like huss and dalton, santa cruz, collings, goodall, froggy bottom, bourgeois, etc......

so far, this guitar is the finest I've played.

I'll try to take an updated video on how the guitar continues to open up.

and the honeymoon continues....

Originally Posted by Michael Watts View Post
That's just gorgeous Eric
its all your fault sir!

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