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Default Tool suggestion for cutting soundport

A little background first.

Since I removed a malfunctioning Micro EQ from my Seagull M6 about a year or so ago, I already have a soundport, albeit an ugly, oddly shaped one. It's not very large at all.
I'm leaning towards keeping itt and if I do, I'd like to make it a bit prettier.

What hand tool would be right for the job? I have a lot of tools but nothing that I'd trust to the fine cutting needed. I considered using a fine blade removed from one of my coping saws, but I'd prefer something with a handle that I could grip for better control.

I have a Dremel but I'm not sure which bit would be recommended. If that's the best way to go, fine, but I have a concern that the tool may get away from me...I always prefer hand tools.

For the record, I don't expect to sell the guitar, ever, so that doesn't enter into the equation.
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