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Default Journey OF660 vs FP412

I've owned two OF660's over the years and they are great travel guitars. I ended up selling both off when my travel needs (always work related) evaporated. We are about to enter a six month or so period of being very slow at work and since I'm on evening shift and work alone in a secluded area I was thinking it might be nice to have a guitar I can leave in my locker to use on those long, slow evenings. So I'm once again considering a Journey as it will be the easiest to get into work without drawing attention in its backpack case.

While the durability of the carbon fiber models are a plus for travel or leaving it in a car, it's not necessary for the current application of being left in a locker at work. I read here in CF once a person said that after trying out the new First Class series of Journey guitars, specifically the FP412 parlor, they were so impressed with the improved tone over the OF660 that they sold their 660 and bought one of those. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried out the new First Class series (they also are making a full size GA model) and if so your thoughts especially if you have owned or played an OF660.

The FP412's are several hundred dollars less than the OF660's so I'm considering going that route instead unless I can pick one up used on the cheap.

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