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Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post
Nothing short of fantastic !
I originally thought the burst was to much but it fits very well
Congrats to both recipient and builder(s) !
WIll make many People drool.. !

Now when can we hear it ? .. pleeeeeease ?

Lonzo, I'll do my best to get a video of it when it comes. Thanks for the kind words!

Originally Posted by Treenewt View Post




WOW!!!!! Truly, a thing of beauty to behold! I love the triple bevel idea both in what it should provide functionally, and aesthetically! Just a stellar build! I can only imagine how wonderful this one will sound!
Treenewt, me my imagination all I hear is angels singing when I actually get the guitar and play it. Of course, then I recall that it will be ME playing it and maybe some of the "angelic glow" is lost.

Originally Posted by Kenneth Casper View Post

John really took care of you with that one! Wow! You going to play it or put it in a museum! What a classy guitar.

Ken, Thanks and I totally agree. John builds great guitars and it seems like I always get some of his better stuff. But trust the fact that I WILL play this one....some people build all kinds of things to show off guitars...which is totally fine, to each their own. But I like to simply play mine...anything not getting played gets sold at my house

Originally Posted by Jamiejoon View Post
Wow, John has been on a tear lately! Beautiful work. Congratulations Mike!
Thanks Jamie! I know you know how good these guitars are. John has finished or is finishing several that are equally stunning. I'm looking forward to getting this one for sure

Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
No kidding!!! Whooeeeeee.... what a looker. And knowing John's work so well I have NO problem guaranteeing it will SOUND EVEN BETTER than it looks!!!

Have fun

Paul, as always, you NAILED it. Thank you!! And if anyone would know, you certainly would. You and I have been on this path together for some time. And the benefits to each of us have been nothing short of amazing. Thank you John!!
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