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Default Can french polished top be repaired?

Properly applied FP on the top will allow the most vibration of any of the finishing processes...and ALL of the steel string builders that I know who offer it have said it delivers the best a price (which you are now experiencing) if you were to pull the neck and bridge off of the guitar in order to replace the FP with, say, nitro...well, you will likely hear a difference.

You would be best off (IMO) finding a classical guitar builder that can do the work.

Also, there is a FP substitute product called Royal-Lac that is harder than standard shellac, so you might look into finding someone familiar with this product. It could be applied, likely, without the difficulties of doing a nitro finish.

That said, Royal Lac will not be as nick-resistant as nitro...but thatís the beauty of FP...the best tone, and easily repaired.

Only a hands-on/in-person evaluation will determine how much of the damage goes into the wood.
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