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Originally Posted by paulzoom View Post
…Some people say that will ruin the responsiveness but is that really true? Is there that much of an improvement in tone?
Hi pz
"Some people" say a lot of unsupportable things about guitars (and cameras). Two subjects I'm pretty familiar with and very pragmatic about.

Yours are good questions. I don't think having it refinished would ruin anything, and I don't find 'improvement' in the French Polished instruments I've played compared to traditionally finished or modern finished (UV) by the same builders.

I have played multiple guitars from three great luthiers in both French Polished and traditional finishes (UV finish, and nitrocellulose finishes) and I did not detect a difference between the two finishes and responsiveness, sustain, resonance and projection.

Even knowing it, there was not a detectable difference between their versions of their finished guitars. I'm not an expert, just an experienced player who makes music and loves great instruments (and great cameras and lenses).

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