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Originally Posted by casualmusic View Post
They are shy about getting closer than 6-10" from the mic.
This is one of the main reasons I said to completely avoid any mic with a very tight pickup pattern (super-cardioid, hyper-cardioid) and go with a general cardioid pattern.

It would be hard for you to go wrong with a 3-pack of the Sennheiser 835. Not my mic of choice, but as a very picky user when it comes to vocal mics, I sang a couple months back for a few hours on someone elses system and had to use one; not bad at all.

Once again, the reason none of my favorite mics would be good for your purposes is because of the tight pickup pattern of all of them. Great choices for anyone with good mic technique, but too expensive and not at all appropriate for your needs.
Originally Posted by casualmusic View Post
...Helicon Mic Mechanic.

I'll check them out for my own gear. Are there any that have two or four audio channels in one box?
I have the Mic Mechanic mounted to my JBL Eon One as a permanent install but you could easily put it anywhere near your house mixer and just run it in the effects loop, assigning it to the vocal mic channels and get by with just one.

Review: TC Helicon Mic Mechanic

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