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Originally Posted by casualmusic View Post
I would like advice on microphones suitable for singers and speakers (occasional users) who are not familiar with using mics.
First off you're going to want to be aware that you'll get a good number of suggestions for a person's favorite mics, which is not often a good thing. If I were to suggest my own favorite stage mics they would be models absolutely not best suited to your needs because they would be mics with tight pickup patterns and primarily you're going to be wanting cardioid mics, not super-cardioid or hyper-cardioid, which is what most higher level pro mics are going to be.

YamahaGuy has some good suggestions for you, but the first one on the list is a mic with a tight pickup pattern - not what you want.

I quoted his post so you could see which of these mics fit the normal cardioid range and since he has recommended them too, I'm sure you could probably buy any of them with a good deal of confidence.

I'm supposing that you want at least three mics, and if so, the ubiquitous Sennheiser 835 is almost always available in 3-packs for a great price. This mic is probably one of the absolute best choices you could get, particularly if you buy the switched version so that mics can be turned off when being held by said inexperienced users.

Mics to avoid that have been suggested here would include the AKG D5 and Shure Beta 58. Both are super-cardioid designs, and while generally preferred by professional singers, not at all ideal for inexperienced singers.

Originally Posted by YamahaGuy View Post
2) Sennheiser e835 with on/off switch (if needed)
3) Blue Encore 100
4) EV ND76
5) Heil PR20 utility
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