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Default Vocal microphones for uncoached / uncoachable singers

I would like advice on microphones suitable for singers and speakers (occasional users) who are not familiar with using mics. Especially those who are uncomfortable with being close to dynamic mikes or drift out of range.

I'm a rookie who owns a few mikes and combo amps.

Our community centre is introducing group music activities and lessons as it expands into its large new building.

The rooms have ceiling speakers with a minimal interface panels for microphones and computers.

They need to buy microphones etc that are simple but versatile for singers and for speakers. There is no sound person and employees will need to work from basic written checklists. Experienced musicians will probably bring their own gear.

Typical activities that need microphones:
- song-along leaders and instructors heard over 20-50 singers
- individual and group singers in front of a medium audience
- individual and group singers during seniors luncheons
- singers and acoustic instruments (guitars, ukuleles, etc) in front of a medium audience
- instructors and lecturers for medium and large audience
- questions from the floor at large presentations.

Microphone rookie user challenges:
- don't know how to address a mic, and no one to tell them
- not centred, not close enough, head movement
- heads drift away while reading music and lecture notes
- unable to remember instructions during performance
- uncomfortable having mic close to face
- occasional clumsy handling handing during setup and retrieval

I brought my gear to a start-up ukulele sing-along and and the acoustics were good. Song leaders and lead singers drifted off the mic pickup spot.

Many thanks.


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