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You might like to start with a notation editor. A free example that I use and recommend is called Musescore. There are others.

Another option would be an ABC editor. ABC is a way of coding music notation in very simple and small text files. There is a huge resource of ABC files on line and experimenting with them might help. Folk tunes are one of the easiest forms of music to read and being able to read notation is a pre-requisite to writing your own music in notation form.

It is not an impossible task but the first steps can be brain numbingly slow. Not only linking the position of notes on a stave with positions on a fretboard, you also have to work out timing in a series of summing steps.

The big trick in learning to read notation is to have a large amount of simple stuff to read. If you only have a small amount of reading material you will be in danger of playing from memory rather than actually reading. Read a tune through once and go on to the next.

At the same time experiment with some kind of software that allows you to input notation and then play it.
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